Monday, August 31, 2009

The Kamloops Wedding.

August 15, we drove a 4 hour drive for my aunts wedding. We left at 530 in the morning and got there around 10am. The place was like in the middle of nowhere.. hehe, but it was beautiful! The view was great.. and the weather cooperated just in time for the ceremony, which was held in the garden. Had the role of MOH for the beautiful bride but managed to take shots before and after the ceremony with the official photographer and my dad. The wedding was beautiful! There really is something very magical about weddings. The shoot was fun, I love just being in the background and feeling all paparazzi-ish, while my dad and Tito Chito, the photographer, were directing the shots. I seriously can't wait to shoot more weddings =)

enjoy the photos =) & the matching background music. hehe, thought it'd give more drama.
here's to the newly weds.. *hugs*


Johnalene Baylon said...

Such beautiful shots ate Aby! I'm not just saying this, but I thought at first that you were the official photographer--I only read your text post after browsing through the photos! Amazing job, keep it up!

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

thnks ate jo! flattered nmn ako.. =) hehe i'm really hoping to get more bookings to save up for school. *crosses fingers*

Kym said...

galing mo talaga! hehe! yes i love weddings too... sayang lang talaga i didn't get to see yours :( wedding ulit kau sa canada naman... 5 year anniv or something. hehe!

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

hahaha surely! kaso ikaw naman mag plan! hahah nadala na ko sa planning! thnks kymee! can't wait for yours too =)