Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reflecting Reflectors

I am officially in love with light.

I got my reflector yesterday. One that I think every new photographer should get their hands on. Trust me, the difference with and without will make you want to use it more.

I'm excited to see how it's gonna help with the prenup shoot later in the afternoon.

Anyways, here's my little boy posing as Goku with my brother as the reflector stand. =)

Eckoboi as Goku!

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Angela said...

Loving your blog! And I'm loving the lighting in your pics! I'm really wanting to get a flash and reflector so I can start learning how to use them. Isn't it amazing how just a little bit can change the total feel of a picture?

Look forward to seeing more of your work :)

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

thnks angela =) yes, go go get it =) you'll really see the difference.
lemme know when u get urs!