Thursday, August 27, 2009

i shot Teddy.

Me, the hubby and little boy had to wake up early today for the little boy's allergy test.
We found out that he's allergic to peanuts, cats and dogs.

*criesss* I actually wanted to get him a puppy since I saw how much he enjoyed playing with Teddy, my aunt's little doggy. There are a very few dogs and pups that I actually like, I haven't been much of a dog person since I've had very traumatic encounters with doggies. But Teddy, I like lots.

I took a couple of shots of him during my aunts wedding and suggested he be a part of the entourage which I thought was really cute. So, I went to my other aunt and got a blue ribbon and put it around him. The funny thing was he was actually posing for me. He's the sweetest thing. =)




[50D | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2]

so.. hmm.. what did i learn from this shot?
That natural light from a bigass window is pretty awesome =)
Move around, look for angles, compose in your head, then get the shot you want.
Not that I figured that out myself.
I've prolly read too much from forums and photoblogs.
oh and that you have got to be fast.
I remember having a shot right on and didn't have the right settings on.
ugh! missed shot. booo!
alryt. it's 430am and I gotta get some sleep.

might go on and blog about the lovely kamloops wedding tomorow. if i don't get too tired.

for now it's gnyt. *yawns*


Kym said...

my gosh! he looks like a stuffed toy!!! ang cute!! :)

kristinee* said...

aww that's a really cute puppy!! :D

so sad that he's allergic to cats & dogs!! =(

Anonymous said...

that dog is adorable, i love its fur!
and its little nose!
fantastic photographs, i especially like the 2nd one.

Sara said...

this could be the cutest dog I have ever seen!