Monday, September 14, 2009

Erald + Faye: I'll never go.

Today, we had Erald & Faye on a "day at the park"-- paparazzi style.
Earlier on, I asked them what their song was.. you know how every couple would have one.
Theirs is "I'll never go."
Had a listen before leaving the house and while browsing through their shots.
Can't wait to get them all done for the slideshow.

Faye&Erald, Here are your teaser shots =)

{Erald + Faye} {I'll never go}

{Erald + Faye} {I'll never go}

{Erald + Faye} {I'll never go}

Lotsa Thanks Erald & Faye ^_^
view more at the webbie {} for their official set.

In other news... I'm getting inked in 6 hours!!! yay&yiyeks!
let's see how that goes...

1 comment:

Kym said...

awwww! matching papala yung song nila to the theme of the pictures! :) love it! bilib na bilib tlga ko sau. haha! ;P

and eeeeeeeeekkk!!! can't wait to see your tattoo!