Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peeek-a-booo! with Nicole.

Made this day off a little productive by going over to Ate Jackie's house and taking pictures of Nicole.
The two brothers and hubby came with me, and boy, were our skills with kids tested. haha! The funny thing was we ended up calling Nicole, Ecko most times and me saying.. look at "Ninong AJ!" (what Ecko calls AJ)
All in all, it was fun, we played with her more than we took pictures. Thanks to the brothers who were there to play with her and make her laugh. hahas.

here are the sneak peak shots. I knda like doing 2 photos right after the shoot so the mood is still fresh in my head.. then base the rest of the set on these two shots.


ahh yeas, the "Peek-a-Boo" never fails.


After the shoot, she came up to me and asked me for iced tea. hehe, just like Ecko too.
Tonight was a good, good night =) Thanks again ate Jackie!

As for tomorrow, working on the Prenup Shots from last week. yay!

{ I would greatly appreciate comments and critique... if you find that there is something you would do to improve the shots or do something differently. thanks in advance =) }


kristinee* said...

i love the shots :)
nicole is gorgeous! :D that's just a sneak peek? :P i really like the lighting too =) particularly in the second picture, where it partially reflects on her eyes :)

waiting for the Prenup Shots! do we get to see it? :D

(A)b0tz Orena Mallari said...

thanks kristinee =) the prenup shots will depend on the couple really.. will need to ask for approval as soon as i show them the set. i'll post it up on fb! =)

Kym said...

sino ba tlga future wifey ni ecko? arianne or nicole?!?! hehehehe! ;P