Monday, October 26, 2009

Abotz: Smize!!!

Been watching ANTM religiously since it first came out. hahas.
As you can tell. I love the photo shoots! ^_^
So, I haven't taken any Self Portraits lately since it's been busy busy busy busy.
No, I don't complain. I loves.

So, finally, yesterday, after work, I insisted that the hubby help me out on this one since I found it extremely hard the last time getting the camera on the tripod and holding the reflector while tryna pose. One can only do so much multi-tasking. hah.

This is our best shot!

I'm planning on doing more portraits/headshots over the winter... hopefully be able to get a light setup by next month. **crosses fingers!**

Been doing a lot of reading, preppin up before I get the equipments.
Especially loving Atlanta based Editorial Photographer, Zack Arias' blog about lighting and such, spent a whole night going over his entire blog.
I would love love love to go to one of his OneLightWorkshop. It should be on one of my To Do List 2010.

In other news, I'm not liking Facebook very much.
I can't comment, say what's on my mind, chat, "like" stuff and they tell me my friends aren't my friends.
booo! i hope they fix it soon.

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