Monday, October 19, 2009

Moments, for keeps: Alyssia Lopez

I had the pleasure of shooting Ms. Alyssia's 18th Birthday during my very busy weekend.

I got to her through her friend, Airee, who was my very first debut coverage last year. It was a very last minute booking, and I only got to meet her personally at her party. She looked gorgeous in her red dress and you can tell, very loved. I love love the setup and the theme of her party. The names of the table were "Love" in different languages. It was a very creative touch, and the venue was gorgeous.

It's always lovely to see when people you love, your family and closest friends, come together for you to make your special day as special as it can be. I guess this is what makes most special occasions, that memorable.


Having said that, Happy 18th birthday Alyssia! All the best in your life & career! ^_^
(did i mention she's a very talented singer? check her out!)

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