Monday, October 5, 2009

Sneak peek: Arriane & Ecko

so, here's what I love about Children.

Their Pure Soul.
Someday, they will grow up, learn about life, fall in love.
They will be Influenced by their environment, learn life as they go.
But before all that, here they are.
Kids, just being kids.

This is who they are as they know it.
They will cry when they're sad or mad.
Laugh the loudest at the simpliest jokes.
Emotions are purest.
They have not learned how to keep them yet.

A child's soul is something that we should keep in each one of us.
The purity in their soul's heart warming.
They will give you joy.
They will make you remember to be thankful that once in your life,
you also went through that care-free stage of life.

Happy Monday, everyone.

{your comments are critiques are highly appreciated =)
let me know your thoughts. }

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