Monday, December 7, 2009

Pre-Christmas Promo and Such..

So we had our first Pre-Christmas Promo today... which was Awe-Some!!
Had to extend the 13th shoot since it's the last day I'll be taking in sessions for the year 09.

Extremely Happy Thankful and Excited for all the projects that came by this year. Can't believe December's here... this year went incredibly fast. (just like the past 3 years or so have been.) I guess that's what happens when you've reached your 20s.. (booo!)
which btw, I is turning another year older this week. (double booo!)

well, seeyah 2010 ^_^

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Kym said...

oh gosh, we're getting old... especially you... on thursday. haha! can't wait for our shoot! :)