Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gizelle in Black&White

So, the weather's been awesome lately. The Sun's finally coming out and I, am having that itch to shoot, shoot and shoot.
Although this time, I would like to play around on the natural light playground.
Gizelle willingly became my model for the day, along with Arvin and Pepper assisting in the creative department.
It was a fun shoot, although, by the time we got on location, it was already dark and I am beating myself up for not bringing external flash and shooting in super high ISO, like this...

Lesson Learned. I shall bring my whole closet of equipments, needed or not. hehe.

It was a fun shoot, I have to give it up to my first time model, Gizelle, who so willingly posed and put up with us inspite of our crappy directions. haha. We shall have a part two!

& Agreed, this was both our fave set of the night;

...... cause they were made to for pictures like theeeeseee. haha.
check out more of the set @

For the next few weeks, I plan on doing experimental shoots, so if there are willing models & mua's in the area who are up for a fun shoot, please mssg me up and we'll set it up. =D

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