Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Black & White Series: Among Other Things

As I was browsing through my hard disk for "STOCKED" photos, I came across these.
As some of you may know, I like to photograph mainly People. People and Portraits are more my thing over anything else. For whatever reason, I just find it more interesting.

However, One should always take some time out of their comfort zone and explore other things. I tried.
So here I share a number of my Non-People Photographs, Enjoy. =)






What have you Explored lately?


Johnalene Baylon said...

You have beautiful shots ate Abby :) May I ask, what gear do you use?

By the way, I'm currently working in this publishing company behind Digital Photographer Philippines magazine. I know you guys are in Canada now, but the online forum is kind of active with Filipino photographers from all over the world if I'm not mistaken (though they're still mostly from the Phil). You might want to join; it's free, plus you get to upload your work and interact with photographers and stuff. Your work might even be featured in the mag :p it's www.digitalphotographer.com.ph.

I await your new posts here! ^_^

mimi said...

I love all your shots Abby. :) - mimi (mlyxo.tumblr.com)