Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On a Rainy Day, Serenade.

I have been looking forward all week for my day off at work cause. The Sun's been out most of the week and it's such a nice day out. I just wanted to shoot!!!

Finally, I get my off. Guess what I had to wake up to today? RAIN!

Oh wells, what the hell. I hear my brother playing "Collide" on his guitar on the other room and had this image in my head. "How'd you like to shoot in the rain?" =D
Thankfully, he was a willing model.

So, we set up the lights, had "Collide" on my playlist on replay and took shots in the rain.

What Drives You?
Music. Music. Music.
As I was looking through the photos we took, I was telling my brother how important it is for me to have Music on when I do a shoot. I don't know if it's just me or if it's the same with other photographers or creative minds.
When I have that song in replay, the head starts working and it helps me to focus from preparing, composing, to editing and the final photo. If anything, I find that Music gives me direction. Like being behind the camera lens, it's a different world.
So, If you've been feeling a little dull and uninspired lately, try and pick a song, put it on replay, and see if it doesn't motivate you. =)

This dull, rainy day seemed to turn out pretty well in the end.
Happy Shooting!

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