Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Play with Shadows.


If you've seen ANTM's last episode, I love the Shoot Tyra had with the ANTM Ladies.
'Course, I can't be in New Zealand to "Find the Light", lols. But here's an attempt at creating patterns with Shadows.
The hat on top was especially used for that + Holding a Chair in front of me at the lower shot.


So, here's a Selfie at 21 Weeks. =)
I forgot how much time it took to set up a selfie, plus forgetting that I'm pregnant in the process, I was sweating, standing in front for test shots and going back to the camera to check how it turns out. hehe.
If anything, it helps having a mirror behind the camera for a quick view of how the shot turned out, but we just recently moved and it was 2am, and everyone was asleep. boo! So, I had no idea where they put that mirror I use for a selfies setup.

[Setup was an AB800 bare camera left]
I appreciate Comments+Critiques. If there's anything you'd do differently to make this a better shot.

Today's Randomness:
My little boy wrote "SOS" under the teddy bear he drew for me for Mother's Day. I asked, why.
He says, "It's for Hugs and Kisses".

So, here yah go. Happy Mothers Day to the lovely Mothers Out There.
We definitely are Blessed.


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