Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Work Space Must Inspire.

Totally photography unrelated. But, we just moved to a new place and I am currently setting up the work space. =D

Ladies and their natural love for anything and everything STYLE-ISH.

When hubby and I were debating about the whole Mac vs PC, He was telling me how I can get the same things that a Mac has in a PC, altogether in a lower price. I, on the other hand, insisted that one thing a Mac has that a PC has never ever ever ever measure up, is the Design.
You can look at a different branded computer/laptop, whatever it is, you're gonna have to look up the specs to be Wow-ed!
But with a Mac, you fall in love at first sight, you drool over the way it's designed, simple yet with elegance, on the spot, you know you WANT ONE! and then you check out the specs. =)
As you can already tell, I am very Pro-Mac. & could care less if Windows 7 was my hubby's idea. (teehee)

Anyhoos, One thing me and the hubby could agree on is our love for anything Red and Black.
Explains the theme of my beloved work space.

So, it's still blah!, but we'll get there.

I have been looking around for some stylish office supplies and whatnots and stumbled upon
The Office Stylist. I could not stop browsing through the pages, awesome stuff! I was jumping up and down, checking out the online store at http://www.sortingwithstyle.com/

&This be my picks and will go on my To-Get List!

Butt Station Desk Organizer Blue
I think this is Just PLain Genius!! I'm so getting one.

India Black Big Clipboard
Simply love <3
Night Black FAB Desk Pen-
Adorable! Yeas, it's a PEN. Not a Liquid Eye Liner.

& Finally, the very one thing that I'm extremely excited to get...

It's temporary wall paper! I've been wanting to paint/put wallpaper on but since we're only renting, we're not really allowed to. AHHHH! Imagine the excitement when I found this, here.

They have awesome patterns to choose from.
Work space, meet your future temporary wallpaper.

More awesome stuff at The Office Stylist, if you're looking for some chic and fun office stuff.
I can't wait to get all the organizing and cleaning up done in here.
I shall share the final look of the new space =D

Looks like I'm in such a make-over mood today that the room's not the only one getting a makeover. How'd you like the blog's new look? ^_^

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