Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can't stop Missing you

4am. trey songz + photoshop.

Play with an old photo. Try new things. Combine effects and such you've learned for the past few.

So, here's a combination of the processing I've been doing lately.

+First off, I have the un-model-like skin which means that I have to do a lotta retouch if not too much make up on. With that, we have Mr. CoffeeShop Powder Room to thank for. Go download now!

+& then we move on with basic burn and dodge, burn the eyeliner, a little faux shadow on that cheek to make me less cheek-ier.

+& then we play around with Color Balance. yes, go ahead, play! I like the midtones around the Blue and Cyan.. I can't say why, I just do.

+Add the textures! Find any image you have lying around your desktop, Motion Blur and Overlay.

+Add A Bokeh layer if desired. I desire. hehe.

+Pick a Song. Play in repeat mode and add lyrics.

+Whatever layer you add on, Mask Layer and erase on Eyes. Let that be the one that stands out. Just cause.

Happy Photoshopping =)

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