Saturday, July 17, 2010

mommy? mommy? MOMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mommy, can you help me make this airplane?
Mommy, I'm thirsty, I want iced tea please?
Mommy, check this out.
Mommy, can I eat my breakfast now?
Mommy, can I have hotdog with bread and cheese?
Mommy, can you check in your computer how to make this airplane?

So, yesterday, I was joking around and I was imitating him, "MOmyy!! mommy!!! mommmyyy!!!". lols
and he's like, "oh, can u stop please?"

hahas. exactly my thoughts.

I love it though. Knowing how my grown up little boy still needs me.
He thanks me the other day for not going to work anymore so I can spend time with him.
Sure enough, It's time needed for him. 2 more months and he'd have to share his mommy with another little one.

Funny thing last night, as he was sleeping,
He said "Mommmy!!!" on his sleep, then woke a bit as I said, "what's wrong?".
He laughed. "just kidding. I was talking in my dream."

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RicAdeMus said...

That's cute! Did he ever knock on the bathroom door to ask "Mommy, what are you doing in there???"

PS - He'll always need you. At some point he'll think he doesn't, but he still will.