Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer 2010; day 3

So today didn't really go as planned.

Ecko had a sudden train-phobia? Or it was probably the heat that made him have one of his days. So, instead of heading downtown to meet my long time primary 6 friend, she had to come over to richmond to see us. All because I couldn't convince my little boy to ride a train. =S
Anyways, he was back to being all hyper after and so I asked him why he didn't wanna ride the train. He says: Cause' I like Richmond. I wanna stay in Richmond.

hmyeah. Had a crazy time at iHop as ecko entertains the hell outtav us. Reminiscing and a 14 year long life update. Headed off to steveston as nempot came and played tourist guide and Ecko in charge of the camera. He says he wants to be a photographer when he grows up. ^_^

Awesome Day. Beautiful Weather. Good Food. yay! summer. <3

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RicAdeMus said...

Except for any frustration you felt about the train, it sounds like it was a great day. For whatever reason, my daughter has always been more agreeable than my son--especially about trying new things.

Your son might be a natural at photography. =)