Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer 2010; Ecko and Lara graduates VBS

yay! Congrats Ate Lara and Ecko! The kids performed the songs they learned throughout the week, Ecko was proud about his contribution to the actions to the song. Then we headed off to the gym for their mini country fair, explains why everyone was so dressed up country-ish. They had different booths to play around with, then the kids headed off to the playground.
Gotta love kids. <3

Tomorrow, the kids will have their official VBS Graduation and we'll be there to watch them perform their songs again.

Awesome Job, Ecko! Mommy's proud =)


RicAdeMus said...

Kids are amazing!

I think I had that same neckerchief (or whatever they're called--but def not a scarf!) or at least one very similar. Once I used it in part of a plan to run away from home--I tied it to the end of a stick and put a few possessions inside. I guess I planned on being a hobo and living on the rails (a train track ran right behind our house). Luckily I didn't get very far.

sssdawna said...

aww super cute kids!