Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9 days....

til the baby's expected arrival.

Sooo... I watched this video blog about a girl's labor and delivery yesterday and I froze and felt my heart drop.
Not like I haven't gone through it before, I just don't remember anymore. =S

I am extremely extremely extremely afraid of the pain and going through normal delivery.
I wish we were allowed to take a shot of vodka or two right before delivery.
That would definitely help the heart from beating like crazy.

That is all.


Rochelle. said...

aww Ate Abi! You'll be alright!
I remember one of my professors asked me if I wanted to help do a video doc of this woman giving birth! I would've taken up the challenge if I were in town just for the experience!
I can't imagine how much you and other women go through!

RicAdeMus said...

On the bright side, you'll forget the pain from this delivery too. Sorry, I know that doesn't help before the fact.

I have heard that the second one is easier than the first. I hope it's a short labor for you.

PS - I closed my eyes the one time I had to watch one of those movies--and of course I wasn't even the one who was going to have to go through it. But I just couldn't watch.

sssdawna said...

im new here, but i guess congrats are in order!! i look forward to hearing about your new joy = ]

Aiesha said...

Aww. Congrats! :) Dont worry about the pain, after it, you'll feel much better. Specially when you see your little angel. :) I myself didn't go through the pain, though. I delivered C-section, but recovery was damn hard. So.. Good luck! :D

Lex said...

I bet you're having so much fun with your little one now! Hope to see more blog posts :)